Ryan’s Graduation Weekend

This past weekend was full of graduation celebrations and festivities.  No, it wasn’t my graduation, although I wish it was….

photo 2

It was actually Ryan’s hard earned graduation from AU!!  His family (Mom & Grandparents) came into town on Friday to celebrate.

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And then on Saturday we had a looong day of ceremonies. Baccalaureate in the morning and commencement in the afternoon, with a yummy lunch and coffee break in between.  Of course, lots of cliche speeches, but also a speech and performance from Steven Curtis Chapman.  The long day was worth it when Ryan’s name was called and he walked across stage.  I took video throughout the day so if he puts the clips together someday, I’ll show you!

Ryan's AU Graduation 39 Ryan's AU Graduation 42

Ryan's AU Graduation 56 Ryan's AU Graduation 62 Ryan's AU Graduation 91

Nour was also graduating, along with lots of other people that were freshman at AU the same time as me.  That stirred a lot of mixed emotions in me.  It seems like just yesterday that we were freshman, yet it seems like forever ago because so much has happened in the past four years.  Hard to believe!

Ryan's AU Graduation 100

Ryan's AU Graduation 4

Ryan had some long time fans from our hometown come and watch him walk across stage!  How sweet.

Ryan's AU Graduation 35

Ryan's AU Graduation 36

Some of Ryan’s friends, and the guy in the middle was Ryan’s roommate the entire time at AU.  (Randomly placed together as freshman!)

Ryan's AU Graduation 47 Ryan's AU Graduation 61

Ryan's AU Graduation 64

Ryan's AU Graduation 78 Ryan's AU Graduation 85 Ryan's AU Graduation 88

The day ended with dinner at Cheeseburgers in Paradise and silly mustaches.

Ryan's AU Graduation 93

Ryan's AU Graduation 101

We are all very proud of him!!!  Especially since he landed the perfect job before he officially graduated.






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  1. Sara Ray Avatar
    Sara Ray
    This makes me cry, the proud Momma tears all over again. I’m love him! What a great weekend it was an is burned into my memory forever. Along with the tears this makes me laugh again with those fun mustaches! Plus, the European money and the little drum set. Thanks for all the pictures!! Can’t wait for your graduation!!!!
  2. Kcardetti Avatar
    What a great accomplishment! Way to go, Ryan! Congratulations!
  3. Elcielo Avatar
    Loved this album! Congratulations, Ryan! Love, Janie Lindquist, Sara’s friend in WY
  4. Elcielo Avatar
    Loved this album! Congratulations, Ryan! Love, Janie Lindquist, Sara’s friend in WY

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