“Ketchup” Post

Whew… it was a whirlwind month of May and now June is here already!  Life’s been a little crazy lately, so here goes a random, “ketchup” post.  I haven’t written one of these in a while, so bare with me.

1) I started an online class on May 23rd – Organic Chemistry II.  It goes all summer long, and pretty much keeps me busy every day.  Right now I feel a little behind and confused, so I spent 6 hours today trying to catch up.  Not quite there yet… and I’m ready to pull my hair out!

2) Last week I drove back to MO from IN (once again)… and celebrated my Mom’s 50th birthday with her!  The day was full of tornado warnings, but thankfully there were no tornados that touched down around us.

My Mom's Bday Dessert, mmm

3) Another reason why I am behind on my class is because this past weekend, we went to my Grandma’s (in NW Missouri) to celebrate her 90th birthday.  The entire family was there (which RARELY happens, if ever!) and the celebration was GREAT.  I have lots of pictures to show once I go through them.

However, things turned ugly on her actual birthday (Sunday).  First off, I woke up at 6:30 AM with a stomach bug.  It was absolutely miserable.  Ryan (and actually the whole family) was so sweet and took great care of me.  Ryan was by my side the whole time – I just can’t get over what an angel he was!

But that wasn’t it… around noon that day, my Grandma took a bad fall in her bathroom.  We had to call an ambulance and they took her to the hospital, where they found out she broke her hip.  Yes, on her 90th birthday with all the family there!  WHAT A BUMMER.  Not only that, but she had already broken her other hip about 2 years ago, and once again – has to go through the same process.  She had a somewhat successful surgery yesterday – and now has a long road of recovery ahead of her.  I say somewhat successful because one of her hip bones is actually cracked because it is so brittle and they can’t do much about that.

So anyway, we were going to leave my Grandma’s on Sunday – and I had the flu and my Grandma ended up in the hospital – so we stayed until Monday morning.  We will probably be going back soon because she will be in the hospital for a while now.  Poor Grandma, I feel so bad for her.  :(

And, on top of all this, two of my cousins came down with the stomach flu too.  I keep praying that no one else gets it!!!  ESPECIALLY Ryan… because…

4) Ryan is flying over seas for a “work” trip to London!!!!!  He is on the plane right now actually.  The whole WooThemes team is meeting up in the UK for a week to have some fun, do a little work, and attend a conference.  I am so excited that Ryan gets this opportunity!  You can keep track of him via this WooThemes blog.

5) I have so much to do and I am still trying to get back to normal after that illness.  Not only do I have my online class and ANOTHER class starting on Monday, but I have two sets of wedding photos to edit, a family photo session to finish editing, and oh, what?  It’s summer break?  Shouldn’t I have some free time to do something just for fun?  Not until I get caught up on everything!

6) Speaking of photo shoots, Ryan and I got another Canon L-series lens… the 135 2.0L.  It will be perfect for weddings.  It’s such an awesome lens – I still can’t believe it’s ours!  Here’s our cameras with our new lenses…

And here’s a recent picture of us that I just LOVE!


7) The class that I have starting on Monday is Developmental Psych.  It is a seated class at the usual university I attend and goes for 4 weeks.  The only reason I am taking it is so I can get a minor in Psych.  Crazy?  Maybe… but I just found out that I got extra grants and I am actually getting a refund for taking the class.  YAY!!!  Maybe it’s worth it after all…

I think this is enough for one post.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and I was hoping that a little writing therapy would help!  Now onto more relaxing so I can get some sleep tonight…

Thanks for listening!





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  1. Sara Ray Avatar
    Sara Ray
    Nice “ketchup”!  It’s nice to see a new blog!  
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      I agree, I like reading it from way over here in London. ;)

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