My Grandma Turns 90!

Over Memorial Weekend, my Mom’s side of the family met up at my Grandma’s for a big occasion… my Grandma’s 90th Birthday!!!  Not only that, but my Mom and her twin brother turned 50 years old…and my little cousin also turned 3 in May.  So why not– we celebrated all the May birthdays!

We had the party on Saturday, but her actual birthday was on Sunday.  It was the PERFECT weather- not too hot, not too cold, sunny, a little breeze.  Ryan and I took family pictures and other candid pictures – and he also took a little bit of video of course.  My Grandma’s neighbor brought over her old car from 1921- yes, the year my Grandma was born!  So we used that as a prop in the photos, with my Grandma in the driver’s seat.  We all all enjoyed each other’s company as it is rare that we are all together in one place.  There was also lots of food, cake, balloons, and celebrations.

Sunday was when it turned ugly – when I woke up sick (and others got sick a few days later) and worst of all, my Grandma fell and broke her hip.  So she sits in the hospital now, post-surgery and waiting to start rehab.  Sigh.

But… here’s some pictures and memories before Sunday happened.  My Grandma absolutely LOVED her birthday party!


Can you believe she’s 90?!







My adorable little cousins…



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