I Spy BlogHer…

Do you notice something new on my blog?!  Hint: look at the sidebar

After a long process of blogging regularly, applying, accepting, waiting, waiting, and more waiting… I am finally part of the BlogHer Ad Network! YAY!

I really love blogging and expanding/improving my blog so I hope that a relationship with BlogHer will lead to great things and more opportunities.  :)

Anyone else part of BlogHer’s network?!  






3 responses to “I Spy BlogHer…”

  1. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    HURRAH for you!!  I’ve applied before, like a year ago, but this post spurred me to do it again!  I would love to go to BlogHer conferences! I hope you get to go.
  2. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    I hope you make some big bucks, too!!!
  3. Chrissy Avatar
    Yep, I am a part of the BlogHer network.  Even when I was getting tons of hits, it did not end up being profitable.  From July to December, I made $30.  And I have found that they are pretty liberal in their content, not politically, just morally, like the other day they posted an article on their facebook page about how to have a threesome.  Very disappointing.  But it is fun to be a part of something big, and it’s fun to have the ads on the page.

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