Boyfriend Photo Shoot

Ryan & I just got back to Missouri after hanging out in Indiana for a few weeks.  One thing we did while we were there was an impromptu photo session!  This time, I was behind the camera and Ryan was in front. (Next time it’s vice versa!)  He was such a gorgeous model…oh wait, am I biased?

It was so fun to shoot in new places & we found some good spots right around Plainfield.  It was right before the heat wave so it wasn’t too hot and the light was beautiful.

ALL the photos are my favorites, but I tried to limit myself and just show you the best of the best.  ;o)  I think I need to frame a few!  Hope you enjoy.. let me know which is your favorite!






15 responses to “Boyfriend Photo Shoot”

  1. Alicia Wines Avatar
    Alicia Wines
    Look good!!! My favorite is the third one from the bottom — love the lighting! Hope you two had a good drive to Missouri!!!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks!  It was pretty good, except for the fact that I hurt my ankle right before we left!  Bummer!
  2. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    I love the ones with grass backlit, but his face is in shadows… anyway to add light in editing this?  Also, really like the one where he is standing in light of what looks like window that’s behind you
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      I have a reflector I could have brought, or we also need to get some ND filters for our newer lenses. :)
    2. Mindy Avatar
      Yeah unfortunately, that’s the best they can be. I used brushes in editing to take away shadows and such.  
  3. Miss Anonymous Avatar
    Miss Anonymous
    minday! these look great! i liked 1, 8, and 9.
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Hey, you commented!  Thanks girl.  :D
  4. Kay Bee Avatar
    Kay Bee
    I think the second pic is great, but I really love the simplicity of the first one.
    1. Mindy Avatar
      I agree!  I LOVE that green wall!  
  5. Rahul Sharma Avatar
    Rahul Sharma
    Awesome pics!! The third last one is the best of all :)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks!  Seems to be the favorite of everyone!
  6. Hopebearer2004 Avatar
    i like ryan’s goatee….the one with window and stone wall in back.. the lighting is exceptionally striking
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Hehe, yes I like the effect that window made.  He doesn’t though.  ;)
  7. Sara Avatar
    Love, love, him and them!!! My favorite is still the one with the iron container that says “Ray’s”. I think it’s the only one that he is half-way smiling in. The levitating one is pretty freaky!!!!!! Gives me goose bumps!!
  8. Jcb2 Avatar
    Love the second one, too. Reminds me of…”if you build it they will come.” From some movie in a corn field. Alos love the smile best with the “RAY’S” container.

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