My Posts on Wedding Gawker!

Have you heard of the site Wedding Gawker (or Craft Gawker, Food Gawker, Dwelling Gawker?)  It’s a site where you can browse featured links (submitted by users) of wedding inspiration.  It’s fun to “gawk” at the neat ideas and also find new blogs in the process.

After I blogged about Emily & John’s wedding photos + video and Libby & Adam’s wedding photos + video, I decided to submit them to Wedding Gawker.  I didn’t know if my posts would be good enough to make the cut, but sure enough they did!  Yay!  :)

Check out the screen shots of my posts on Wedding Gawker and go visit the site to see other pretty photos & ideas!





4 responses to “My Posts on Wedding Gawker!”

  1. Sara Avatar
    Congrats! Shouldn’t it be named “Wedding Stalker” “Craft Stalker”, etc.  lol I’ve looked and I’ll admit that I’m more of a stalker than a gawker
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Hehe yes probably because lots of people have visited my blog via the site and didn’t leave a comment!  So they are stalkers!  :)
  2. kskristy Avatar
    Wow, congrats on getting featured! Love the photos too!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks so much!  :D

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