Our New Favorite Thing

Over the 4th of July weekend, my cousin & his girlfriend visited – we went to the carnival and watched fireworks, rode horses & bikes, ate froyo & ice cream, AND we rented kayaks and a river raft.  There’s a local place (Outdoor Activities & Rentals through Missouri S&T) that I just found out about which rents out these things for CHEAP!  If you are local, you must check it out.

We were going to go out on a local (small) lake just for fun that afternoon.  However, it started storming and we didn’t get to go until right before sunset.  The storm front brought cooler weather but the warmth off the water felt good.

It was my first time in a kayak!  It was so much easier than I thought it would be.  We all LOVED it!  Ryan and I had the kayaks for a week and we took them out several times with our fishing poles.  We want to trade in our pedal boat for some kayaks now.  :)

I’ll do another post with more pictures soon!  These are from the first night we took them out.

Mitch Visits 52

Mitch Visits 55

Mitch Visits 61

Mitch Visits 15

Mitch Visits 31

Mitch Visits 33

Mitch Visits 41

Mitch Visits 46







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