School’s Out (For the Summer!)

I took an online class almost the entire summer – Organic Chemistry II – so you can’t really say I’ve had a “summer break.”  Not to mention the 4-week psych class I took in June for my minor.

The psych class really wasn’t bad, but the Chemistry class was a different story.  I had to work on the class 6 days out of the week, plus take 4 tests that were proctored locally.  It seemed like more work than a seated class.  But I had no choice – it was my last class to finish up my biology degree and my last class before student teaching (in a few weeks!)

I’m finally finished and guess what?  I earned my first “B” EVER on this class.  Ha.  Guess there’s a first time for everything and no better time for a lesson on imperfection.  Trust me, I am glad I got at least a B.

Watch this short video on how I celebrated the completion of the class (you will laugh at me…)

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