So far, so good.

I’ve subbed two days in a row this week and so far, so good! Of course, I am exhausted and not used to getting up early and working 8 hours. It’s nice to get out, feel productive, and make money though. As long as I stay clear of this measles outbreak in Indy, it will be all good.  Yikes!

I have quite a few more days of subbing scheduled. I could be called to sub at any of the 12 elementary schools, 3 intermediate (middle) schools, 3 junior high schools, and 2 high schools.  That is just ONE school district!

I subbed for 8th grade social studies my first day.  WOW, I was impressed. The students were respectful, prepared, did their work without any complaining… amazing.  Huge difference from what I’m used to. Must be the culture of this community, socio-economic status, etc.

Today I subbed at one of the elementary schools and it was a good experience as well.  Kind of crazy because I was filling in for a resource teacher so I was all over the place. Although with all the young kids, I felt like I was surrounded by germs – ha.  Tis the season to be sick.  Hurry up spring!

One of the little kids stopped me today and said “Are you a grown-up?” Another one said, “What grade you in?” HAH. At the junior high, I got asked my age and I heard the students whispering that I was short and they thought I was a student.  ;o)  Always good entertainment.






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  1. Sara Ray Avatar
    Sara Ray
    Please germs stay away! I’m so excited that you’re out and teaching!  Glad to hear it going to well! Always love the “short/age” comments. If it makes you feel any better, the kids at school always make a comment about my shortness

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