2012 in Review

I know I’ve neglected this blog of mine and vowed to start blogging regularly several times, but it just hasn’t happened! Nonetheless, I am writing my highlights of 2012 because I love to look back on these! Here’s 2010 and 2011 in review.

  • 2012 was all around an awesome and memorable year! Let’s just start with the best part… we got married!!! :) 8-25-12
  • I officially moved out of my childhood home and to Indianapolis in January
  • We rescued another kitty, Pearl, after our friends found her in the cold!
  • Visited to North Carolina for the first time for Lisa & Jordan’s wedding (and went through West Virginia and Virginia for the first time!)
  • I became a sub in the spring at a local school district. That’s always an adventure! :)
  • Started drinking black coffee because of the Chemex!
  • Started juicing and became a vegetarian! Watched A LOT of documentaries. ;)
  • Went to Florida for my cousin’s wedding, the first wedding I’ve been to/photographed on the beach! First time at the beach with my Mom!
  • Mine & Ryan’s first time at Disney World ever!
  • Shot 9.5 weddings!
  • Travelled with our cats many many times to Missouri. Cat lady?
  • Went to a Lavender farm for the first time (I love Lavender oil!)
  • Wedding planned, wedding planned, wedding planned! The theme of the first 8 months!
  • Got engagement photos and had a makeup artist do my makeup for the first time!
  • Became an ambassador for Sole Hope
  • Met the Duggar family! Well the line was too long to meet them all, but I did meet three of their youngest sons and saw all of them perform/speak.
  • Threw Ryan a surprise birthday party for his 25th!
  • Officially became a nut.
  • Actually became a fan of beer! (I sound like a man… black coffee, nuts, beer…oh my)
  • Donated my hair for the second time! Goodbye 12 inches!
  • House hunted A LOT… finally bought a house!!!!! Sneak peek…
  • Went to an Apple Orchard for the first time
  • Went to the Nutcracker/the ballet for the first time
  • Our first Christmas tree together! Yay!

Now that 2013 is here, I’m looking forward to a great year ahead! We’re closing on our house soon (YAY!), we already have 7 weddings booked, we’re going to become an Aunt & Uncle for the first time (Ryan’s brother & sister-in-law are having a baby girl!), we’re finally going on our honeymoon this year, ha, and who knows what else 2013 has in store!






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  1. ClassyFabSarah Avatar
    2012 was quite a year for you two!! Can’t wait to hear all about how amazing 2013 is!

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