Tag: family photography

  • Gunter Family Photo Session

    Back in May, I had my first M2 Photos giveaway.  (Should I have another one soon??)  Nicole was the winner, who wanted a family session with her hubby, two year old, and 4 month old.  She was really excited to get family photos as a family of four for the first time!

  • Brooklynne Preview

    Yesterday I took photos of Caylee and her family (remember her maternity photos)?  Now she has a family of four with a 8 week old and a 3 year old!  So I wouldn’t really call these “newborn” photos… but more like adorable baby photography!

  • Newborn Photography (Lucy Preview 2)

    Apparently I’ve been working efficiently because I finished up the newborn photos over the weekend!  Since everyone seemed to like them so much, I’ll post a few more for you to oooh and awww over.  :o)

  • Newborn Photography (Lucy Preview)

    This morning I had my first newborn photo session ever!  I was a little nervous (when am I not?!) but excited because I adore babies!

  • Winter Maternity Photos (Preview)

    Yesterday I took my first set of maternity photos for a friend from HS (we go way back).  :o)  She is due with her second baby in just a couple of weeks and has a little girl who is about to turn 3 (who is ADORABLE).