Tag: family photography

  • Family Mini Photo Session

    My friend Tiffany has been wanting to get family photos in the snow with her fiance and 2 y/o daughter .  It’s really hard to work around the weather, plus our schedules, but we finally got a short session in today before all the snow melted!  It was about 40 degrees, so not too cold, […]

  • Family Photo Session (Redburn)

    I’m going in reverse order, but here are some pictures the first family photo session I did of the Redburns.  (Second session is here.)

  • Behind the Scenes Video

    Thanks to Ryan the videographer, here’s a little peek into what really goes on during an M^2 Photo Session….

  • Family Photography (Mother & Daughter)

    I just finished up this mother & daughter photo session from last week.  We shot some photos at the park and then some in an awesome field.  The little girl is 3 y/o so I tried to keep her entertained by pulling “surprises” out of my bag.  Bubbles, pumpkins, glitter, streamers, etc.. (thanks Ryan for […]

  • Family Photography (Marcee Preview)

    My very first paid photo session was last Saturday. I have to keep reminding myself it was my first because I am way too hard on myself.  Hello Mindy, can’t expect to be as good as Bobbi + Mike right away!  ;)  It is just really important to me that my clients are happy with them […]