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  • Seen at MUST- Part II

    You never know what you might see at MUST*, Part II.

  • Seen in Chemistry Lecture

    You never know what you might see at MUST (the college I attend).

  • Marshmallow Test

    One of the 4 classes I’m taking this semester is Educational Psych.  It sounded like it was going to be an interesting class, but so far, it has been mostly review of General & Exceptional Child Psych so it’s really nothing new.  I’ve had the professor before and it’s the exact same, predictable structure as […]

  • I Wanna Be A Cowgirl, Baby…

    Today, I did the unexpected.

  • CCF at MST

    This semester I am trying to (let me re-word that, am going to) become more involved in the Christian organization on campus, CCF (Christian Campus Fellowship).  I only went to the weekly worship service a few times last semester  (per my therapist’s request) and left it at that.  This semester I’ve gone two times in […]