Seen at MUST- Part II

You never know what you might see at MUST*, Part II.

*MUST is the true abbreviation for my college, but since it sounds funny, they do not use it. In order to stay out of search engine results and from getting anymore emails from the communication director, that is the abbreviation I use for my blog.  Just an FYI.

Seen in the weekly school newspaper:

How could you miss it?  An ad, taking up half of a page, trying to catch the attention of the large male population (and females, since they are hiring).

Received in the mail from Student Wellness:

Thanks, I now know how to have a “safe” party and that it is illegal to urinate in a public location and to use a Fake ID.  I’m embarrassed for the stereotypical college students, who make me embarrassed to be called one (academics aside).

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not at Anderson University anymore.  Welcome to MUST.





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    Um…yeah. Wow.

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