I Wanna Be A Cowgirl, Baby…

Today, I did the unexpected.


I became a cowgirl for a few hours and went horse-back riding.


And I forgot my boots.

However, I remembered my helmet. ;o) Oh wait, that’s for my bike.


Did I mention I haven’t been on a horse in 10+ years?

They’re not really my thing.


But after taking the CBASE today, I really needed to get out and get some fresh air.  My Mom was planning to ride her new, 18-year old horse, Charisma, whom she fell in love with this past week.  She suggested I come along for the ride (literally).  After telling her I was afraid of heights, I thought what the heck and decided to join.

Charisma was truly a good horse, just like my Mom had told me.  She didn’t buck or disobey or scare me, so we rode for a few hours.  She passed the test.  She’s a keeper!



And to prove I’m a real cowgirl, I’ve got to go there.


Yeah, I’m posting my butt on my blog. Gotta get the whole effect of riding a horse bareback. Well, kind of.  I was behind my Mom, who was on a saddle.  That would explain why I’m walking funny if you happen to see me tomorrow.  Could it partly be because of my death grip I had on the horse?

Maybe I’ve been reading The Pioneer Woman too much.  I better cut back before this gets out of hand.  :o)


P.S.- The helmet was just for a funny picture.  I didn’t really wear it, although it probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea!






2 responses to “I Wanna Be A Cowgirl, Baby…”

  1. Saranray Avatar
    Giddy up, cowgirl! Love the pictures of your mom and her new horse! I’m sure your mom loved having you there with her! I’m proud of you for conquering your fear! Did you get calluses in places you shouldn’t? lol How did the CBASE go? I’m sure you did great!
  2. mar Avatar
    this is soooooo cool min….i want to ride when i am there (and the weather is reasonable) she looks like a very sweet horse…..

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