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  • Tweet Tweet

    Dear Twitter followers, I’m sorry that I am a really annoying person to follow on Twitter. Once in a blue moon, I tweet about something that probably isn’t Tweet-worthy in the first place. But most of the time, I tweet about giveaways to earn extra entries. Or in the case of the @dealsplus Apple a […]

  • More dresses + giveaway love

    Please do not go enter to win a $100 Anthropologie gift certificate from this generous blogger. ;-) I have some a few dresses narrowed down just incase I happen to win… Remember when I said I love dresses, but I’m cheap? These dresses are definitely out of my budget. Unless of course, I get SO […]

  • Catching up again…

    Hello dear blog readers… remember me? Oh, no? My name is Mindy, nice to (re)meet you! ;-) I’ve missed you! I need to get back into the blogging habit! So you know what my recent absence means? It’s time for a catch-up post… During the last weekend of February I babysat 26 hours straight– from […]

  • 2nd Giveaway Winner!

    Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday– I’ve made it half-way through this crazy week. It’s time to announce the winner of my 2nd giveaway for a gift card of your choice! Although I’ve been super busy babysitting and studying, I took a few minutes to write out all the entries on paper and draw the winner the […]

  • My Second Giveaway (as promised!)

    Once upon a time, I was going to host my very first giveaway on this little blog of mine. However, it got pushed back to my second giveaway since CSN Stores offered a product for a giveaway. I have not forgotten about my original plan and I’m thinking there is no better time to host […]