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Dear Twitter followers,

I’m sorry that I am a really annoying person to follow on Twitter. Once in a blue moon, I tweet about something that probably isn’t Tweet-worthy in the first place. But most of the time, I tweet about giveaways to earn extra entries. Or in the case of the @dealsplus Apple a Day giveaway, it’s my entry since it’s a Twitter contest only. I’ve been tweeting that one daily (minus a few days or so) since they started the contest a few months ago. Ryan has been questioning whether or not they are legit and really choose winners and give away things like iPads and iTunes giftcards. We had a conversation about this the other night, actually, and I tried to convince him that yes, it’s the real deal. I read about a blogger who won something from them and I thought he was silly for thinking it was a scam. I still don’t think he believed me.

But now… I will have proof in my hands and he won’t have to wonder anymore. Guess who won the contest today? ME!!!! How funny!! And on my Dad’s birthday too!
Let’s just get this out of the way- unfortunately, it is not an iPad. That would’ve been hilarious (because I would have one and Ryan would be jealous) and awesome (because who doesn’t want to win an iPad worth $500?) and I would’ve flipped out a bit (duh). I guess I’m not quite that lucky… but I won an iPod shuffle and I will take it!!! To win this contest is good enough for me based off the fact they have 77,000+ followers and who knows how many people enter a day.

So about that iPad… Dare I ask them if I can enter again after I already won? HA! Kidding, kinda.

Again, I am sorry for the annoying tweets and if you want to unfollow me, I understand. But before you do that, I would recommend using Twitter as a way to win cool things. Persistence pays off. My new iPod shuffle will remind me of that. ;o)


P.S.- I can try to throw in more tweets that are of the non-giveaway type if you really want me to. But do you really want to know what I’m thinking or what I’m doing in 140 characters? Twitter is funny.






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