Today we would be celebrating my Dad’s 51st Birthday, just like we celebrated each birthday before that on the 21st of May.

But he’s with Jesus this year. Celebrating an eternal life with Him. Can you imagine? Me neither. It’s far too perfect for my mind to fathom.

I am at peace that he is not suffering this year like last. His sufferings don’t even compare to the celebration in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. A celebration of life with Him. But.. most 51 year olds are still living in their physical, Earthly bodies for their birthdays. That makes it tough for the rest of us who are still here.

Why his life was only 50 years, I will never fully understand. All I know in my heart is that he chose to be chosen. He’s the most courageous Daddy a girl could have. A hero. It was God’s will and I must accept it, as hard as it is. God wants me to trust Him and that includes His plans for my life.

I miss him more than I could ever put into words and even more than my mind can process at once. Everyday I wake up and go about my day, I am reminded that my life is missing a piece. My heart aches at his absence. His physical absence, for he is still here with us. Trust me, he has made that known.
But it’s still not the same. It will never be.

He’s constantly been on my mind and heart on this special day, this beautiful day to celebrate the life he had on Earth and the everlasting life he has now. Happy Birthday, Dad…. I love you.





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