Tag: Indianapolis

  • New Adventures in Teaching

    I’ve been living in Indianapolis for over a month now and I feel like I finally settled in. It took a week or so to unpack and organize, and since then I’ve been learning my way around the area, working on our business Two Are Better, and sleeping in WAY too late. Now that I’ve […]

  • Sara & Mindy Go To Indy

    Last weekend, Sara and I hit the highway for a weekend trip to Indiana.  Hmm.. wonder what we would possibly be doing there?  ;o) Oh yes, my boyfriend (her son) lives there, just outside of Indianapolis!  We decided to visit Ryan and check out the Indianapolis scene. The first night we went to Broad Ripple […]

  • 214

    Oftentimes, I see little reminders (in number form) of the boy I love. 214 I thought it was time to start keeping track, so here’s my ongoing list. The date (duh) Cell phone bill total (not a good thing)Number for education offices at MUST Time on the clock (always)Yahtzee score# of text messages on my […]