Oftentimes, I see little reminders (in number form) of the boy I love.


I thought it was time to start keeping track, so here’s my ongoing list.

The date (duh)

Cell phone bill total (not a good thing)
Number for education offices at MUST

Time on the clock (always)
Yahtzee score
# of text messages on my phone
last 3 digits on a license plate of the car in front of me
# of pictures taken at my Dad’s memorial service
The weather channel
Total at McDonalds

Change at Hallmark, Wal-Mart
Exit number on the way to STL
A sign on the way to Anderson that says
Indianapolis: 214 miles
The number of people who attended church on a Sunday
Gas price
Page # in a book
2 hours & 14 minutes until destination (according to GPS)
Ryan’s dorm room number his freshman year
Google analytics pages visited
Fall ball video that Ryan made
Road name in WV that Ryan was on
# of followers on a blog… then I followed and made it 215. Aw, too bad.





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