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  • Not Me! Monday

    Some recent “not me!” moments. [Blog carnival started by MckMama- click on the link above to see more.] I did not try on and successfully fit (minus zipping it) into a flower girl dress I wore when I was 8 years old in my cousin’s wedding.. IF that happened, I wouldn’t show you the picture […]

  • Minday’s Monday..

    Slowly, my sleeping patterns may be (hopefully/please/crossing my fingers) getting back on schedule. I went to bed at 3 AM and got up at 11:30 AM. Still pretty bad…Oh and I didn’t make it to church yesterday. Very sad. But good news: I actually feel tired right now. YESSS. (I was up ’til 3 finishing […]

  • Rambling

    Last night I finally gave Ryan his 2.14 presents! I know, I know; a little belated, but I’ve had them since January/February and he wasn’t here. One was a mug I painted him at The Blue Beagle…Jennifer & I went there in January (see the pictures). I’m definitely nothing close to artistic, but hey I […]