Tag: Jon Kate

  • Guilt + Pleasure

    I have an easily guilted conscience, even by little things like playing a prank on someone. One good thing about it is it makes me live an honest life! I cannot tell lies, small or big. Here are some of my guilty pleasures… Things I feel a little guilty about enjoying. 1. Taking a long, […]

  • Not Me! Monday

    Some confessions from the last few weeks… I did not start craving chocolate a few hours after he left. Got endorphins? I definitely would never spend too much time on Facebook. Would I really get that bored? I did not go to bed without brushing my teeth, removing makeup, or taking out my earrings last […]

  • Minday’s Monday..

    Slowly, my sleeping patterns may be (hopefully/please/crossing my fingers) getting back on schedule. I went to bed at 3 AM and got up at 11:30 AM. Still pretty bad…Oh and I didn’t make it to church yesterday. Very sad. But good news: I actually feel tired right now. YESSS. (I was up ’til 3 finishing […]