Not Me! Monday

Some confessions from the last few weeks…

I did not start craving chocolate a few hours after he left. Got endorphins?

I definitely would never spend too much time on Facebook. Would I really get that bored?

I did not go to bed without brushing my teeth, removing makeup, or taking out my earrings last night.

I did not pretend like I didn’t get a phone call & message to babysit last week. 7:30 AM is not too early for me to get up.

I have not started watching another series like Jon & Kate called Raising Sextuplets. And Ryan did not fall asleep while watching it with me.

I have not been chewing ice until my teeth hurt. I’m not that addicted.

I have not been trying to give hints.

I did not play a Yahtzee game on my iPod with 2 players— alone.

I did not ask Ryan for fashion advice. I’m not that clueless.

I certainly do not sit on my butt all day long.

I did not put a daddy long leg spider on Ryan while he was sleeping. He did not jump and make a hilarious face. And I wouldn’t laugh at him for doing that.

I did not almost have a heart attack when someone kept persistently trying to get me to answer the door, and come to find out it was not just a guy delivering medical supplies.

I do not shop online when I’m bored.

I did not get an email from the director of communications at MUST S&T who found my blog post about their silly name.

Nope, Not Me!





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