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  • I’m A Mac

    Once upon a time, girl met boy.  Girl also met boy’s Mac.  She fell in love (with both).

  • First post of the new year!

    I’m still alive, incase anyone out there was starting to wonder about me and why I haven’t blogged since last year! I’ve been at my Grandma’s this week and away from my computer… and also hanging out with Ryan of course. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it soon. :) Happy 2010! It’s not really […]

  • Thursday Thirteen: Not me! (For real)

    Rest assured, you will not hear me say the following 13 statements… 1) “Beer pong is my favorite game!” 2) “Do these heels make me look too tall?” 3) “I’m pregnant with triplets!!” (Nour, this one is for you. Please take note.) 4) “It’s official. I’ve changed my major to history.” 5) “One Six Flags […]