Thursday Thirteen: Not me! (For real)

Rest assured, you will not hear me say the following 13 statements…

1) “Beer pong is my favorite game!”
2) “Do these heels make me look too tall?”
3) “I’m pregnant with triplets!!” (Nour, this one is for you. Please take note.)
4) “It’s official. I’ve changed my major to history.”
5) “One Six Flags season pass, please.”
6) “Look at my new piercing.” sticks out tongue
7) “….Then you’ll turn right the stop sign, see the beach to your left and my house is the second one on the right.”
8) “I’m getting back with what’s-his-name.”
9) “Ohh how I miss the good ‘ol days of being a high school student.”
10) “Nope, I don’t mind being separated from Ryan by 384 miles. It’s not too bad.”
11) “I’d like my hair dyed black.”
12) (In an ad) “MacBook for sale. Selling it for a PC.”
13) “Today I saved 3 lives by donating my blood.”
14) “Mmm…I just ate a half-gallon of ice cream.”

Thirteen is so close to fourteen, I just had to add one more. But… one of them is not true! Did you catch which one I just might say someday?

What would I not hear you say?





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