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  • HANA Professional Flat Iron Review

    Earlier this month, Misikko contacted me and asked if I would do a review for one of their flat irons.  They are a family-run business that has a variety of hair straighteners.  Need a hair dryer?  They have those too!  They even have Biosilk products, irons, and dryers.  I was all for it!  They sent me the HANA Professional […]

  • CSN Stores Review (Coming Soon!)

    Since I am a “CSN Stores Preferred Blogger,” I have yet another chance to do a review or giveaway.  Thank you CSN Stores!  I think I’ll do a review this time because the blog world has been so over-saturated with giveaways that they’ve kind of lost their appeal.

  • Confession: I’m an addict.

    I blame it on Ryan.  :)

  • CSN Stores & BourgeaTEA Review

    Back in January I hosted a giveaway for CSN Stores, and I’m sure you’ve seen a million other CSN giveaways in your Google Reader since then!  (I actually won two of them this month!) It was a great company to work with and so I was really excited when they contacted me again to either do […]

  • (Un)Game (CSN Stores giveaway)

    If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you probably read that I was planning on hosting my first giveaway soon. There’s been a slight change of plans… for your benefit! The giveaway I was going to do first has now been moved to my second giveaway, because I was presented with a different giveaway […]