Confession: I’m an addict.

I blame it on Ryan.  :)

I am addicted to coffee.

Even though it turns my stomach sometimes… even though the caffeine makes me all jittery… even though it stains my teeth… I crave it.  Want it. Gotta have it.

The problem is I don’t have it at home.  So sometimes I make a stop by Panera (which is conveniently located by school) and get my fix.  That can be an expensive addiction though!  On top of that, they now play reinforcement games with their new “MyPanera Rewards.”  You’ll never know when you’ll get a reward… so you keep going back!  Smart move, I learned about this in psychology.

Where was I?  Oh yeah…

It’s just sooo good.  And the smell is heavenly.


I started thinking it’s about time I get my own set-up at home… French press, coffee beans, half & half… {Already have a kettle for quick boiling.}

Yes, I already have a French press too.  But my boyfriend taught me that you cannot use the same French press for tea and coffee, unless you like the flavors combined.  {Who knew?}  Soo.. I need a press designated for coffee.

And right about that time, CSN Stores emailed me.  I love being one of their “preferred bloggers.”

What?  You haven’t heard of CSN?  Need a new barstool, rug, light, or wall art?  Look no further! … How about a French press?!?  The possibilities are endless in their 200+ stores!

Can you guess what product I’m choosing to review??







2 responses to “Confession: I’m an addict.”

  1. Saranray Avatar
    I think you should set up your own! This blog makes for great Christmas ideas!
  2. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    It’s true, the oils from tea and coffee left overs don’t mix well. Glass is known to hold in those flavors from past brews and it would taste funky if you made coffee then brewed tea in the same glass. Trust me, I’ve done it before to see. It tastes like peanuts were melted into your tea… blech :)

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