HANA Professional Flat Iron Review

Earlier this month, Misikko contacted me and asked if I would do a review for one of their flat irons.  They are a family-run business that has a variety of hair straighteners.  Need a hair dryer?  They have those too!  They even have Biosilk products, irons, and dryers.  I was all for it!  They sent me the HANA Professional Pink Flat Iron, their top rated flat iron.

I was very impressed when I first opened the box.

Hana Straightener 2

Ooo… fancy schmancy!  All wrapped up with a bow and a flower.

As I unpacked the box, I realized there was a lot more than a flat iron in there!  First off, look at the extras…

Hana Straightener 15

Not only that, but it came with a pad to set the iron on when you’re using it and a heat-proof pouch and tin case to store it in/travel.  Good first impression before I even used the straightener.

Hana Straightener 17

The iron itself has different heat settings, which is a change from my current hair straightener.  That’s kind of nice because some people don’t need the high heat.  With my thick and healthy hair, I do!

Hana Straightener 23

It heats up very quickly and doesn’t take long to straighten my hair.  Actually, it took under 10 minutes and like I said, I have thick and medium length hair!  The plate is 1 inch and I think that’s the perfect size.

Hana Straightener 27

Hana Straightener 35

Here’s the before and after pictures.  (I can’t believe I’m posing the before- scary!)


Hana Straightener 3 Hana Straightener 4


Hana Straightener 11 Hana Straightener 6


Hana Straightener 20 Hana Straightener 23

Wow, what a difference it makes!  I can feel confident wearing my hair down instead of throwing it up in a ponytail as usual.  What a great product when you have hair like mine!  Not curly, not straight… but just poof-y.

Now I’m going to class with a cute new dress, makeup, and my hair straightened and presentable.  Everyone is going to wonder what got into me today!  ;)  SPRINGtime of course… and the HANA Flat Iron.

Thank you Misikko!!


Note: I received this iron for free to review on my blog and the opinions are mine.

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  1. Very cute!!!!! And your hair looked beautiful after!!!
    And how exciting to have the extras in the package as well ;o)

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