New Adventures in Teaching

I’ve been living in Indianapolis for over a month now and I feel like I finally settled in. It took a week or so to unpack and organize, and since then I’ve been learning my way around the area, working on our business Two Are Better, and sleeping in WAY too late. Now that I’ve checked a lot of things off the list and it’s too cold for photo shoots, I need something else to do. Not to mention, a way to pay for our wedding!

So last week, I applied to substitute teach in the local school district (which consists of almost 20 schools), and after a background check, interview, and getting a substitute permit from the state – I’m officially hired! The process went a lot quicker and smoother than I thought and after just being put on the list today, I already have a few jobs lined up.  Woohoo!  :)

When I had the interview, the retired administrator made an interesting point that subbing is the hardest job out of having your own classroom and student teaching. Students immediately want to take advantage of you when you walk into a classroom of which you aren’t familiar.  However, I’ve had experience subbing in my hometown and of course, student teaching, so I feel as prepared as I can be. 5 foot or not, I feel confident that students and I will have a mutual respect.

He did kind of scare me when he said everyone knows an attorney in this part of Indy. A little different than Small Town, Missouri. As they say, cover your butt (CYB) & document, document, document!

Here’s to a new teaching experience outside of my home state! I’ll let you know how it goes as Ms. Merenghi! And who knows, maybe it will lead to a job as a permanent sub, long-term sub, etc.

The Historic Storm of 2011

Are you in the path of the Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon/SnOMG/Snowlocaust/The Historic Storm of 2011?

If so, did you fight the crowds to go buy some milk, bread, and eggs with the rest of the midwest today?

{An actual picture from a grocery store in Indiana, taken from Facebook. The line to check out is throughout the aisles of the store. The milk is gone. The best thing I’ve seen lately.}

I find it quite entertaining watching and listening to everyone panic about the impending storm.  I know it could potentially be serious with the ice and all, but I also know that people in the mid-west tend to overreact when it comes to winter weather.  In all seriousness, I hope that everyone stays warm and safe during this storm.

I guess this time the reactions are a little more appropriate since we are under a Winter Storm Warning and more notably, a BLIZZARD WARNING.

After all, this is Big News for this part of Missouri.  I’m LOVING all the hype and potential for 20 inches of snow.  I just hope it doesn’t miss us because in my Small Town, we are always barely on either side of the line.

If this storm fails to live up to its predictions, I will be very disappointed!  I would love to have a campus-wide snow/ice day, as it NEVER gets called off for weather.  It’s already looking good since the Chancellor sent out an email stating that they will let us know by 6 AM tomorrow morning if we need to risk our lives to get to class!  After all, all the rain we had today is going to freeze tonight.  Yikes!

I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this storm to hit…  brace yourself!  :)

P.S. – A little humor from The Onion.  But in all honesty, it’s not that big of an exaggeration.

FEMA Rushes Supplies To New Orleans In Anticipation Of Light Snow

First signs of spring!

While I know that some people are still getting hit with winter weather, I think it’s officially on the way out here in Missouri. I’m confident in saying that we are in our last days of cool weather for the winter season. Just call me Punxsutawney Phil because I’m declaring that it’s the last week of winter!

I’m not usually a very observant person (like, not at all), but one exception is when it comes to spring. I make a point to look around for the signs of spring, as I’ve been doing this past week. It feeds my spring fever and makes me long for it even more. But when I see the hints of the upcoming season, it gives me hope! Hope that winter is behind us and warm weather is about to take its place.

Finally…Spring is just around the corner!

If you actually look for signs of the season to arrive, you can’t miss them. The birds know that winter is drifting away; you can hear them singing more often. The weather is slowly, but surely getting warmer. It has made it to about 50 degrees and that feels really warm after a long, cold winter. Pretty soon it will be creeping up into the 60’s and that day will be amazing! The sun is shining more and it feels warmer. In fact, the sun angle is about 45 degrees here in Small Town, Missouri. (Props to our ecology teacher for informing us of the increasing sun angle.) And guess what I saw peeking out of the ground the other day?! Flowers, possibly tulips, just starting to make their way out of the soil! Now that was exciting! On a related note, I can also see the beginning of purple leaf buds on a tree that I pass on my way to school. I watched it last year and I know it is one of the first ones to get leaves. I saw the purple in the sunlight and I had to do a double take. I want to make sure I’m not just imagining these things as symptoms of my spring fever. ;) It hasn’t happened yet, but next the grass will begin to get its green color back!

I’m so giddy that spring is on the way and I don’t think I’m the only one! I’ve heard a lot of people say they are anticipating its arrival. It will be obvious in just a few short weeks and I seriously can’t wait! I want to get into my short-sleeve shirts, flip flops, sunglasses.. drive with my windows down.. and sit outside and soak in some long-overdue sunshine. Ahhh.

This upcoming week will be also be the start of March and it holds so much possibility for all things spring! Does that sound good or what?!
P.S.- I’ve had very little inspiration to blog lately, but it looks like spring is just what I need :)

I’m feeling feverish

How is it possible to have spring fever, but at the same time be excited for this upcoming snow storm?

Maybe because it hasn’t snowed 9.8 inches here since, well, I don’t know when. This is big news for this Small Town, Missouri! Especially since we just got 5 inches on Friday (although half of it has melted already.) Two significant snow falls in less than a week… that’s unheard of here!

I don’t think there’s many more creations on Earth more beautiful than a blanket of snow. There’s just something magical about it, almost like Christmas Eve. Oh, perhaps because of snow days… which I don’t really get anymore. But I still secretly (or not) hope for them.

Although I’m giddy like a little girl about the snow, I’m also feeling effects of spring fever. Dreaming of springtime sunshine gives me butterflies too.

Ice cream, warm, fresh springtime air, green grass, new leaves, budding flowers, flip flops… ahhh. It couldn’t come soon enough!

Oh, but that’s not the last of it. Along with the spring fever comes beach fever. They’re always concurring conditions, although going to the beach would cure both. The farther and farther time slips away from August 2007 (my last beach trip), the more my beach fever intensifies. It’s pretty dang serious. So if I disappear and you don’t know where I am, my toes may be in the sand somewhere.

Actually, I’m pretty *cough*… sick. I’m also having Ryan withdrawals, as you know I miss him dearly. Sometimes I have to stop myself from thinking about the future because we haven’t thought of a cure for these withdrawals yet. :( I only get short-term relief from quick visits with him.

And if my beach and Ryan fever collide, it is cause to be alarmed. It’s not likely though, because it’s hard enough to find ourselves in the same state, let alone at the beach together in some far away state. I try to stay realistic, but I’m not saying it’s impossible…

I won’t mention my other chronic fever because I may give off the wrong impression. But no worries, it also stays a safe distance from Ryan fever.

Okay, I’ll give you a hint.

Not saying that they won’t meet someday to form some serious symptoms. In fact, now that I think of it, when you allow three fevers to combine… beach + baby + Ryan = honeymoon? ;-)

So what I think I’m trying to say is… I have a case of contradictions.

How about you? Any fevers or contradictions… or contradictory fevers?