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  • When theres’s nothing else to blog about…

    This makes 40 random facts you’ve always wanted to know about me! 1) I met a boy online, and then met him in person … in 7th grade/8th grade. I promise my parents are good parents. Maybe I’ll tell the story sometime because I still can’t believe such a thing happened. I find it funny, […]

  • I’m thankful…

    I think I need to write some positive things. Agree? Ok! :) 1) I found out today that our cell lab quiz on Friday is take home! Yesss, less stress. 2) Micro lab was only 20 minutes today. 3) I calmed down. 4) I almost finished my study guide for Micro. Tomorrow I’m done with […]

  • More complaining, sorry readers.

    I seriously have problems. I have ADD. This is a real symptom: I cannot concentrate on studying for my Micro test because it overwhelms me SO much I can’t even begin. I basically have to teach myself everything because lecture is pointless. I have anxiety. Symptoms: sweating, “anxious” feeling, shaking, interferes with my concentration I […]

  • Cry Me A River

    Crying… Have you ever wondered…What’s the purpose? Does it help us release or express emotions? Why do some people cry more than others? How much control do we have over it? It’s the first thing humans do in the first few seconds of life. Parents listen for that cry and are comforted by it knowing […]