Tag: The Blue Beagle

  • Birthday Party Photography (Leena)

    I had another request to shoot some birthday party photography a few weeks ago.  (Remember the first one?)  I am working on finishing those photos today!

  • The Blue Beagle {End Results}

    We’ve been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for our painted pottery to be fired in the kiln and they just finished today.  Here’s our final products from our recent trip to The Blue Beagle…. My Mom’s large, green polka-doted bowl (she used it today!):

  • The Blue Beagle

    On Tuesday, the day before Ryan had to move back to Indiana, we went on a little outing with our Moms to The Blue Beagle.  The idea came about because when I picked up my finished plate that I painted there on my birthday, and found out it was damaged.  Something dropped on it and […]