The Blue Beagle {End Results}

We’ve been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for our painted pottery to be fired in the kiln and they just finished today.  Here’s our final products from our recent trip to The Blue Beagle….

My Mom’s large, green polka-doted bowl (she used it today!):



My bright yellow plate: (I don’t really like how it turned out, but that’s what happens when I draw free hand!  Oh well.)


Sara’s inspirational plate (the “e” got smeared when they handled it; what a bummer!!):



Ryan’s simple, yet awesome, extra-large coffee (or tea?) mug:



I think next time I go I want to paint a flower pot, and make it simple, yet bright!  Anyone wanna go?!





4 responses to “The Blue Beagle {End Results}”

  1. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    me, me!!! I LOVE going there! I need to go by and pick up Graysen’s tea pot that she painted for her birthday party! They told me it would be ready today, I should’ve had you pick it up! :0)
  2. Saranray Avatar
    Your plate turned out great! Free hand is the best!!! I love your Mom’s bowl. She got real creative after you and Ryan left. Her creative juices started to flow because she had to wait for me. It worked out for her! I’ll go again, since I get a “freebie” due to the smudge mark. I’ve already started to think what I would do next.
  3. Clifford J Ocheltree Avatar
    Clifford J Ocheltree
    Found your old blog while looking for your dad’s obit. We are quite distant (5th) cousins and I have been researching the McJIMSEY family for some time. I have a few questions about your great grandfather Lowell. If it’s of interest you can contact me at Cliff Ocheltree N.O. LA
  4. Bmb9yf Avatar
    I love these! Lets go now. :) haha

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