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Caspersen Beach {Vaca Day 3}

On Day 3 of our trip, we made a stop at First Watch for brunch and ventured south to Venice, FL.  I wanted to visit Caspersen beach, an undeveloped beach famous for pre-historic shark teeth.  It was a beautiful beach with large rocks and turquoise blue waters, but not a great swimming beach.  Everyone there […]

Destination: Florida {Vaca Day 1}

It’s already been 3 weeks since Ryan and I vacationed in Florida, and I haven’t been able to blog about it yet!  Shame, shame.  As soon as we got back to Indiana, we had to drive to Missouri, film a wedding, and then I started student teaching.  It was a whirlwind of a month!

2010 in Review

I feel like 2010 was a big year for me.  It started out pretty rough, with anxiety, loneliness, and winter blues, but thankfully got better as time went on.  I hope and pray that 2011 will continue to look up.

Final Days in Florida

{Florida posts continued. This is the final post.} Ryan and I had a key and connections to a house in Ft. Myers, but we couldn’t decide if we wanted to leave Titusville and visit the Gulf side.  It was our original plans, but as time went on, I just didn’t want to leave Titusville!  Well, […]