Destination: Florida {Vaca Day 1}

It’s already been 3 weeks since Ryan and I vacationed in Florida, and I haven’t been able to blog about it yet!  Shame, shame.  As soon as we got back to Indiana, we had to drive to Missouri, film a wedding, and then I started student teaching.  It was a whirlwind of a month!

Oh and did I mention I am dying to go back already?!  Ahhh how I long for the beach when I’m stuck in a high school all day…

Anyway, Ryan took me to Florida!  This was our third trip to Florida and this time we switched it up a little and took a shortcut.  We flew!!!  This was only my second time flying in a commercial plane, and it might have well been my first.  I was nervous!!!

Ryan and I flew out of Indy at 6:30 AM and after a short layover in Atlanta, we arrived in Ft. Myers, FL!  I think I handled the flight pretty well, especially for what little dose of anxiety meds I take.  (HA!)  Poor Ryan.

I LOVED flying over the ocean and seeing the pretty water, boats, and reflections of clouds.  I also couldn’t believe how fast we got there!  It felt like we were cheating, since it usually takes 24 hours to drive there.  Ahh, it was SO worth the scare.  (Words of the wise: If you are scared of flying, do NOT google how fast planes go.)

While everyone BUT me was sleeping on the plane, I was taking videos and photos.  I got one of the coolest photos of the plane’s reflection in the clouds with a rainbow around it.  (See below.)

Once we got to Ft. Myers, we picked up our rental car, ate Chick-fil-A and drove North to Sarasota.  We went straight to Siesta Key Beach and hung out there for an hour or so.  Then we checked into our hotel right down the road and I started feeling the 3 hours of sleep I got.  We somehow made it to iHop for dinner and then CRASHED!

To be continued….For now, check out my photos from Day 1!

Photos from my Canon Rebel t2i:









Photos from my iPhone 4:


On plane





Tilt shift

Chick fil a

Siest key beach






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