AU vs S&T continued

More observations on AU vs. S&T. It’s funny because today my dad asked what differences I have noticed between schools and I was like, “Oh I have a blog on that!”

1) There are a LOT of guys on S&T campus [ but I don’t want any of them- no fear Ryan ;) ]
2) You don’t have to watch out for frisbees flying at you while walking on campus at S&T.
3) I feel like I’m surrounded by crazy smart science people at S&T…probably because I am. Obviously it’s an engineering/science school so my major is definitely not the minority. As opposed to AU, there are not many bio majors, or science majors in general. There’s more of a mixture of majors.

Today I finally got my schedule figured out and final. I’ve filled out an add/drop form twice. Really annoying, plus only a partial refund on classes I’ve dropped (rip off). I’m taking: Cell Biology & lab, Microbiology & lab, Perspectives in Education, and an online Intro to Philosophy class. Today I dropped this Psych class (Sensation & Perception) and signed up for the Philosophy class instead. I will actually need Philosophy, whereas Psych was only to fill in hours. I am interested in Psych, but now that I want to major in Biology & Education- I won’t have time for Psych too. I think Philosophy will be hard though. Oh well. My ed class is probably the easiest class I’ll ever take.
So now I only have 2 classes everyday besides Fridays, of which I have 3 classes. Speaking of Friday, I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already! YAY!

Random side note– I think Airborne really works. I had a sore throat one day last week so I took airborne once a day for three days in a row and I ended up with a very minor cold. If I would not had taken it, I would’ve had a regular annoying cold. This has happened before too. Just don’t take more than one in a day because you’ll get too much vitamin A or C, or both, I can’t remember.





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