Sleeping routine

It’s interesting how everyone has their own unique sleeping rituals and routines. Honestly, mine is pretty high maintenance.

Ideally, here’s how mine goes. I’m trying to get better at doing this every night to improve my sleep. But sometimes if I’m really tired I’ll just crawl into bed and die.
Lately I have started a “no caffeine 4 hours before bed” rule for myself. (aka tea)
First I read.. I always try to read the Bible. At least a chapter of Proverbs a day (the day of the month is what chapter I read) and a Psalm or two. Then another book, like right now Acts. Then sometimes I read another book. Right now I’m reading “Every Woman’s Battle” but the past few months I haven’t been reading much. I like this book though.
I either pray next or after I’m all situated. Or sometimes before I read. lol, I guess that just depends.
Then when it’s time to sleep, my environment has to be very dark and quiet. I usually have to sleep with socks on. My door must be closed otherwise it will bother me. My ceiling fan is on high. I always sleep on one side or the other, it just depends. I cuddle with my body pillow (I prefer Ryan though). My bed covers have to be up to my face, but not covering it because then I can’t breathe. Finally…I can sleep.

Until my stomach starts burning. Okay this only happens sometimes, but then I have to get up and eat.

Then I drift off into dreamland and hopefully sleep for 10-12 hours. That’s the best amount for me.

Overall I am really picky and weird, but oh well…thought I’d share it anyway.

P.S.- I’m horrible at taking naps. Unless I have a certain someone next to me- the body pillow just doesn’t cut it.





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