Embarrassing Story

I start classes at S&T in TWO DAYS! I don’t think it has hit me quite yet. I’m very nervous!!! I would rather just start right now and get that initial “I don’t exactly know what to expect” out of the way.

Anyway the other day I went around and found all my classrooms, which helps to ease my anxiety. Some people may not do that, but I have a very embarrassing story that I would prefer not to repeat again..

I was on my way to class (Botany) during the beginning of the Spring 08 semester at AU. I believe it was the first or second week of classes; it wasn’t the first day. This girl and I were both getting there at the same time and I followed her in. We were sitting there for a few minutes and began wondering why one one was coming in. We were the only ones in there, no other students and no professor. Once it hit the time for class to actually start we were quite confused! We waited a couple more minutes then headed up to the lab to see if we were supposed to meet there instead. It was empty. We even checked a few classrooms around there. We checked our email to see if we missed a “Class Cancelled” email. We thought that’s what might’ve happened since both of our last names started with “M.” Maybe he skipped us on accident. We were completely puzzled! Did class get cancelled and we didn’t hear about it? Are they playing a mean trick on us? Then we began to wonder if we were in a nightmare, ha. It was such a strange feeling! Anyway I ended up texting a few people who were in our class to try to figure this out. I texted my friend Travis, “Where are you?” and he replied.. “In class, where are you?!?” We were thinking, ‘WHAT! We were just there and waited and no one showed up.’ I didn’t want to say that because I felt so stupid so I said “what classroom?” I believe he replied with the number of the one we were waiting in. Then he realized they were in the classroom next to it and he had said the wrong number.
MYSTERY SOLVED! WE WERE ONE CLASSROOM OFF! We accidently went into the wrong one because it looked almost the same. Why we didn’t check the classroom right next to us, I have no idea! I had also noticed that the desks seemed different than the first time I was in there but I ignored that observation.
WE FELT SO STUPID AND EMBARRASSED! Well, by this time, we were NOT going to show up to class 30 minutes late so we headed back to our dorms to hide in embarrassment. We both ended up emailing the professor explaining that we were not slackers, but not very smart…





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