Looks Can Be Deceiving

When people don’t know me, they usually think I am anywhere from about 12-15 years old–MAYBE older if I’m lucky. If you do know me, you know that I’m actually 20. I’m not sure if it’s the height and petite frame that throws them off, or if I actually look young in the face. Sometimes it can be annoying, but I find it pretty entertaining most of the time. Such as these stories…

In September 2008 I was with my mom at a carpet store in town, and the owner asks me “What grade are you in?” Ok, if he is saying “grade” that makes me think he is referring to elementary or middle school. And HELLO, I was in the same class as this guy’s son.

When my dad was preparing for/had his surgery in September 2008, I was around the hospital a lot with my parents. A lot of people, especially nurses would ask me, “Are you skipping school today?” I’m like “Uhh…not really.” [I was taking the semester off from college, not exactly what they were thinking].

Also in late September 2008 my dad was being released from the hospital and one of his nurses was wheeling him out to the car. My aunt and I were walking along side him. She was really nice and just felt like making conversation I suppose, so she asks me… “Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween yet?” Ok I didn’t have any makeup on that day & looked pretty tired, but come on!! The way she asked it I’m assuming she thought I was probably 11 y/o ? I was so shocked and tired so I just said.. “I don’t know yet.” Plus I didn’t want to be mean. My Aunt said I already had my mask on, haha.

In October 2008 I went to Cracker Barrel with my parents and the host asked me, “Do you want crayons and a coloring page?” This time I laughed and he sounded embarrassed and said, “Sorry I had to ask.” Yeah if you think I’m 10!

In November 2008 when I went to vote, the people there questioned that I was old enough to vote!!!

In December 2008, I was with my mom at Wal-Mart and we were going through the self check out. I was the one checking it out, and when I scanned the Dimetapp (cold medicine) we had to get approval because you have to be 18 y/o to buy it. Well the lady looks at my mom and says, “Are you the one buying this?” And my mom said “Yes, but my daughter is old enough too.” I said, “Yeah I’m 20, haha.” And the lady was very surprised and said she didn’t think I looked 18.

Whenever I subbed this past semester, I heard a lot of uncertainty about my age. Most people at the HS know how old I am, but the principal thought I wasn’t at lunch duty one day because I “blend in” with the students. He told me to get gray hair. No thanks! A lot of the elementary kids would comment & ask me, “Are you a teenager?” “Are you in high school?” “You’re short!!” And I would hear them whispering to each other, haha.

This is one of the best stories:
September 2007…Ryan, his mom, and I were at the “Picnic in the Valley” at AU (part of the new student orientation activities). Ryan and I went over to go meet his roommate, Adam, and Adam’s parents. Ryan introduced himself and then Adam’s mom asked him (referring to me), “Is this your little sister?” I’m not exactly sure what he said, but I’m sure it was something like “No, this is my girlfriend Mindy.” IT WAS SO FUNNY!! But I did feel bad because Adam & his parents were so embarrassed!! Adam did know I was the girlfriend though, not the little sister, so he was REALLY embarrassed.

The other day I was at Wal-Mart’s Vision Center with Ryan and this lady who was helping Ryan get contacts asked if Ryan and I were related. Ok so that makes me wonder…did she think we looked similar, like siblings? Or did she think I looked so much younger that I couldn’t be his “girlfriend?” Who knows!!

I don’t drink nor do I plan on drinking, but whenever I turn 21 I should just try to buy alcohol just for kicks. It would be quite funny.





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