Think it’s hard missing me? Try missing you.

Hey Love,

Here are the pretty flowers you sent me for Valentine’s Day. Oh and me incase you forgot what I looked like (eww), haha. Just kidding. Thanks baby! Everytime I look at them I am reminded of you and of course, how much I miss you. Being away from you is killing me!! It’s been about a month and there’s one more month to go before I get to see you again. I remember back to the few times we were apart for at the longest, a week. Like when you went to Camp Sharon to play drums and I was here missing you. I thought a week was long, ha! Try two months! I’m glad the days go by fast so that March comes quickly. I’m trying not to wish my life away, but it’s hard not to do when life isn’t in your favor. I don’t even like weekends right now as much as I should.
I know you miss me too, but it is different for us. You have many, many things that keep you busy almost every second of your day, and I have surprisingly a good amount of free time despite classes and studying. That means extra time to be reminded of how much I miss you! You are lucky to be surrounded by friends and people, when I am surrounded by loneliness. I have my family, but a very minimal social life. Although sometimes I know you’re almost too smothered by people, and it seems like we are both at each end of the scale. Too bad we aren’t both at an in-between; just enough interaction with people and enough time to be alone. You think it’s hard missing me? Try missing you. ;)

I wish life would allow things to be easier right now. I don’t mean at all to sound like any of this is your fault because of course it’s not. I know I’m where I’m supposed to be right now and you are where you’re supposed to be, but I can’t take this for much longer. Sometimes I really have to fight the lonely feelings away and remember that it won’t be like this forever. It makes me grouchy or sends my emotions on a roller coaster ride. Too often I over-analyze things and get crazy ideas in my head about us. I guess I’m just not very good at this distance thing. Sorry if I ever act those feelings out on you- I don’t mean to nor do I want to. I want to send you as much love as I can over this distance between us. It’s definitely a difficult thing to do. What I really want to do is just hug you!!! I pray that this is the longest we’ll ever have to be apart. Can’t wait to be in your arms again SOON!
Your Love





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