The weight on my shoulders known as Spring Semester ’09 is gone!

I am officially finished with another semester! I LOVE the feeling of being done with a semester, especially the one right before summer. Freedom! Once again, I can’t believe how quickly the time goes, especially this past month. I can’t keep up!
Now I realized my “classification” is even more questionable. It was last year because I went into college from HS with enough credits to be a sophomore, so half the time I called myself a sophomore and other times a freshman. Now that I didn’t go last semester and this is only my third semester in college, am I still a sophomore, a junior, super junior or super sophomore?? Do those even exist? HAHA. Well all I know is I am still a junior by credits and I have completed three semesters and have MANY more to go I’m sure. OH and what about summer classes, do they affect your classification? So complicated, who cares anyway?!
By the way…. If someone would like to give me a cookie, I definitely achieved perfect attendance for the first time in my life!! It seems like I have always missed a lot of school, especially in HS. In fact, I was not eligible for A+ money because I missed too much school. So anyway that’s why I’m proud of myself this semester! Now, today I did miss cell biology lecture, but I did not have to go all this week because I am not taking the final. I was just going because I did pay for this education. Plus, I almost made it to class, but there was a tornado warning and I decided not to risk my life so I turned back around. So anyway, today’s cell lecture doesn’t count! :)
Another cool thing about this semester is that my finals week was not in my vocabulary! Finals week is officially next week, but all of mine were this week or last week. So this week was my last week of classes & last week of the semester! WOO!
Hopefully I got all A’s in my classes… the only questionable one is my philosophy grade– could be a B depending on how my professor feels when he grades my final. We’ll see.
If I’m this excited to be done with a semester, how am I going to react when I graduate?! Watch out, whenever and wherever that may be!





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