14: A Poem

Fourteen Things I Hate About You

I hate the way each other’s hearts we had to break
But I love that we came out better with each mistake

I hate it when we are miles away
But I love that our feelings it won’t sway

I hate it when you fall fast asleep
But I love staring at you like a creep

I hate it when you are mad or upset
But I love when a hug or a kiss can make you forget

I hate it when your beard is rough on my face
But I love your kisses no matter the case

I hate the way you make our “status” linger
By the time it’s official, it’ll be time for a ring on the finger (Just kidding!)

I hate it when I can barely help lift the boat
But I love that somehow, we get it afloat

I hate it that I can’t take my fish off the hook
But I love that you help me without a dirty look

I hate it when I try yet can’t stop my tears
But I love that you hold me and comfort my fears

I hate the way I always seem to complain
But I love that you still listen and sweet you remain

I hate the way life is for the time being
But I love the way your words and hugs are so freeing

I hate the way you’re good at everything you try
But I love that you’re such a cute and humble guy

I hate it when you’re the one who’s right
But no fear, I love you despite

I hate when we have a disagreement and don’t get along
But love keeps no record of wrongs

I hate that I used the word hate
because the truth is, I even love the imperfections.

Fourteen Things I Hate About You






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