I love love love Summer. And today is the first “official” day, even though I’ve considered it summer since my last class of the spring semester. Some of my summer loves…

It’s WARM. Ok, mostly HOT, but I still love the sunshine. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!
Summertime thunderstorms are the best! They’re even better when cuddling is involved. (Oh wait, anything is better with cuddling!)
This summer in particular because Ryan is living at home! That means he is 10 minutes away instead of 6 hours! That’s the way it should be =)
Fireflies light up the fields like the stars light up the sky. I get so excited when I see them for the first time!
The sweet, sweet smell of honeysuckle. I make a point to roll down my windows when I pass by..Mmm.
There are different types of wildflowers blooming at certain times of the summer.
The heat provides a great condition for swimming! If I only had a pool or more opportunities to swim… lol
It reminds me of Florida! (and makes me want to visit)
I love the air conditioning at nighttime when I’m sleeping.
“School’s out for the summer…”
Summer foods such as fruit, ice cream, meat cooked on the grill, garden veggies, etc. Specifically Ruby’s Ice Cream!
Being able to spend time outside
SUMMER DRESSES! And other summer clothing/flip flops. Much more options than winter.
My favorite month, June, makes a quick appearance.
I feel obligated to say..My birthday, August 2nd.. lol
Watching fireworks/4th of July
Going fishing of course!
Lots of hours of sunlight
The sounds of summer outside my window, which is mostly frogs I think!
Green grass, green leaves, lots of vegetation!
Going to the drive-in to watch a movie (rarity, but fun when it happens)
Not many germs going around (exception for me this year)
Summer nights…there’s just something about them I love.
Flip flop tan lines!
Overall, summer seems like a 3 month long holiday, even if people are working or going to school. You know how holidays feel almost “free?” It’s a different routine. People seem happier. There is more activity. I just love it. Need I explain more?

Dear Summer,
Please stay awhile.
One of your biggest fans





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