Happy July 5th

Wow! It seems like the 4th of July always sneaks up on me! Once the firework tents go up, summer switches to lightning speed. Watching the fireworks is surreal because I think, it can’t possibly be this time already. Before I know it, my birthday will come and go, and then the sweet summer will start to fade away. It is literally that fast. I cannot keep up. It depresses me how quickly spring and summer speed through, but fall and winter drag on forever. I wouldn’t mind welcoming fall as much if I didn’t have to say goodbye to Ryan. Same for winter. And I wouldn’t have to rush spring to get to his arrival. I’ll just try to remember …It won’t always be like this.

Although this summer is a little different since Ryan is out and about playing drums. He came back Thursday evening and we spent time together until he left again today. This time only for (a little) LESS than a week. This won’t be too bad, in comparison to other times. As Nour would say, that’s what I get for being with a drummer. Well, not just ANY drummer, but a good one. Good as in, you might hear him on your local Christian radio station in the next year. I’m not making this up; I heard it straight from the source. Ryan, at some point you must quit running away from me. Or I will take extreme measures to make sure I see you more than 3 months a year. [Such as hiding in your suitcase] Yes, that’s a (loving) threat. Until Saturday, I’ll miss you some more! <3
However, with Ryan’s departure this week comes an arrival. One of my most favorite people, my Aunt Marcie, is coming in tomorrow from CA to stay with us, which will make my week better! She’s coming here to be support to my family for a few days. Things have been rough to say at the least.
So here’s another week coming my way, whether I like it or not. I will try to make the best out of it and push away negative thoughts. My week did start off well since I made it to Church this morning. Enough slacking already I say! Time to get back on a regular Church attending schedule. Oh and hopefully continue normal sleeping habits, even though my insomnia cure just left me…





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