Not Me! Saturday Night Edition

What to do on a boring, Saturday night?

Look at cards online of course! That’s my idea of fun!

I’m only kidding. I mean, about the latter part because that’s really what I’m doing.

But there are some cute ones on there.

If you think you could be a card designer, check this and this out. I just might start brainstorming ideas… Obviously I need something to do with my time.

My favorite card ever (good enough to remember) was one that I bought for Ryan a few years ago.
It had a cat on the front….
And on the inside it said, “If I had nine lives, I’d spend them all with you.”


Ryan always finds the cutest cards for me! (And I’ve kept them all of course.) One that I remember had a girl and a guy on the front and the guy was labeled “Mr. Right” and the girl was labeled “Mrs. Always Right.”

Haha! He has the right idea.


I did not just spend my Saturday night on and blog about it. Nope, not me!





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