Making headline news…

Midterm is already HERE! What did I tell you about the semester flying by?! If the next half of the semester goes that fast, December will be here just like that. Not that I mind because then I can have Ryan back for a few weeks.

Speaking of Ryan… I FINALLY GET TO SEE HIM ON FRIDAY! It’s been two months too long! I am riding up to AU with his Mom and staying a few nights! It’s his Fall Break, but he has an ultimate tournament close by AU.

As of last Thursday, I’m finished with Waynesville!!! Ahhh…. freedom. Now I basically only have THREE classes: history, art appreciation, and an education class! None on Wednesday and Friday for real now! Even though we don’t have Fall Break at S&T, I have one every weekend! Not to brag or anything… :)

Also of last Thursday, I was convinced I was coming down with the swine (the high schoolers take the flu off the name) but I guess I wasn’t?! I felt bad, had a headache, didn’t have a fever or sore throat though… it was strange. I laid in bed all Thursday evening. Then Friday I almost felt normal, and Saturday I was back to “normal.” Perhaps I did in fact get the swine but I’m immune?! I could only hope because then I wouldn’t need a bubble!

My Art Appreciation class has been cancelled the last two weeks! I honestly prayed that it would be cancelled last Thursday because that’s when I felt bad and I didn’t think I could make it through a 12 hour long day. Maybe this week we will have our one “test” of the semester!

Remember the history test I was freaking out about? Well, I guess it wasn’t just me because overall, the class didn’t do so hot. If I wouldn’t have studied, read, studied, read, I would’ve done poorly too! Thankfully I managed a 91%!!!!

This past weekend I was finally able to help my Mom paint the house! First off, I’d like to note that painter’s tape smells like pears and it doesn’t even work. Second, using a roller is hard work! It kills my wrist! Maybe I don’t have the technique right? This is my first time!

I won another blog contest this past weekend— a coupon for $50 off a $100 purchase at Old Navy!! Except I might not be able to use it because it expires this Thursday!! :( If not, I could be sweet and give it to Ryan. Or someone could fight over it.

Welcome back Travis! My friend just graduated from OSUT (Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training) in the National Guard so I think that’s worth mentioning! I couldn’t survive training for one second!





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