Not Me! Monday

This blog carnival of Not Me! Monday was started by MckMama. You should join in and share your not me moments, especially this week when you could win a prize! Once you start writing, you will think of ideas– trust me! You just have to be brave enough to “confess” them.

Here’s some things I am not confessing…

To avoid getting up any earlier than I had to for an 8-9 AM mid-term meeting, I did not just throw my hair up in the tiniest ponytail ever to exist, partially hide the rest with a headband, and call it good. Not me!

Who has to do wrist stretches before painting and then afterwards feels no evidence of ever doing them? Not me!

I certainly wasn’t thisclose to changing from black pants into jeans while sitting in my car on a busy street before class. (Until I saw people too close for comfort.)

You know that Old Navy coupon I won? I didn’t enter the contest ten times, but if I did, it was allowed. :)

I did not yet again miss out on Church! It’s not becoming an attendance pattern of every other Sunday or worse because I don’t do weird things like turn off my alarm in my sleep! Somebody needs to get it together!

I did not forget that today is a holiday when I planned on sending out a very important card today so that it would arrive to its destination on time. If it gets there late, it wasn’t me!

I am not keeping Ryan in suspense about my haircut until I see him nor am I sending him pictures where my hair is disguised! I wouldn’t make him wait like that or make him wait to see what paint colors we are using in my house. Nope, not me!

I am definitely not sooo excited to see Ryan this weekend that I might do weird things this week, like be insomniac like or have a hard time concentrating in class. Who would act silly like that after not seeing their significant other for 2 months? Not me!





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