The month of November

Starting tomorrow, November 1st, I am going to post every day for a month and you should too. Why? Because November is NaBloPoMo* of course!

*National Blog Posting Month

It’s going to be a challenge because sometimes I get writer’s block. Or I don’t feel like writing. Or I am busy studying for a disgusting history test. Or if I’m lucky, I am hanging out with my bf(fs).

So let’s play truth or dare.

Do you have any burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask me? Serious or silly, personal, past, present, or future… you get the idea. Do you have a blog post idea for me? I’ll need some so make something up! Are there any pictures you want to see? What do you like (or don’t like) hearing about? (Sorry, I can’t help that I talk about Ryan a lot… I like him).

Or just share how you overcome writer’s block and/or think of ideas!

Do ask (or tell)!






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