His buttons

Tired of all the mushy posts about Ryan? Here’s a change…

How to push my boyfriend’s buttons:

  • Stick a camera in his face and tell him to smile.
  • Post the pictures on Facebook for everyone and their mother to see.
  • Make him watch a “baby show” on TV.
  • Talk about all things babies.
  • Move his Macbook so it’s not parallel with his desk. (coughOCDcough)
  • Miss his call because my phone is on vibrate.
  • Tell him I’m ugly.
  • Get my fishing lure stuck again, again, and again. And again.
  • Give him only one kiss.
  • Get alll cuddled up and comfy and tell him I have to get up because I forgot to pee or I’m hungry.
  • Try to take away his other love, I mean iPhone.
  • Be a germophobe.
And this wouldn’t be complete without…

How he annoys me:
  • Turns so his back is facing me when I want to cuddle!
  • Falls asleep in two seconds when I can’t.
  • Gives his iPhone more love than me.
  • Tells me to Shhhh!
  • Criticizes the Duggars (no way am I ever watching that show with him again.)
  • He says something. I say, what? And he goes on to say what? after everything I say. Ugh, boys!
  • Turns the channel during commercials (unless I don’t like the show of course… haha)
  • Makes fun of Zumba
  • Procrastinates, like how he won’t make my 2007 graduation video :)
Did I miss anything? Probably! The opposite sex is so different there’s just no way we can’t annoy each other. It’d be interesting to see how his list compares to mine.

But I still love him. <3






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