Yesterday I had an advising meeting for Spring 2010 with my advisor at MUST. I’m glad he is understanding and laid back.

I also re-applied at AU (for what, the 3rd time?) online. Good thing it’s free.

Today I registered for 12 hours at MUST for Spring 2010. Genetics, Ecology, Environmental Physics, and Modern Western Civ. No labs.

I also sent off a transcript request form along with tenfreakingdollars to MUST, to be sent to AU.

(Un)welcome to the story of my college life.

What to do, what to do?

  • Have a “normal” college experience or umm, a not-so-normal one?

  • Graduate sooner or later? By sooner I mean, later, and by later I mean, later later. Confused?

I just did the math for “fun.” If I were to graduate from AU and start back in January 2010, I would have 44 hours left (which doesn’t count labs, but I would really have about 10+ hours of labs left) and I would only graduate with a biology degree. If I were to graduate from S&T and continue on from now, I would have 48 hours left (no hidden lab hours or any labs for that matter!) + one semester (13 hours) of student teaching and I would graduate with a biology degree and a certification to teach.

But I’ll probably graduate from neither. :)

FYI- In December, I’ll have 91 hours total.

  • Take or leave a refund that, with addition to my refund from last semester, would pay off my student loans?

  • Graduate with only a biology degree (and do what?) or a biology degree and a certification to teach?

  • Change my major and start over? Hey, why the heck not?

  • Live at home or with my bff?

  • Live two states away from my bf or two floors? Get married sooner or later? (By that I mean, it’d probably be wise to spend real time together before we consider the next step.)

  • Be lonely or be surrounded by people?

  • Focus less on getting a degree or on my well being?

  • Make transferring a hobby?

  • Walk to class in 5 degree Indiana weather or drive 10 miles to and from class and walk a short distance in more “southern” type weather? Or better yet, move to a tropical location?

  • Run away and start a new life somewhere else?

  • Kidnap Ryan and move to FL?

Okay, okay, I’m getting a little ridiculous, but sometimes I have to humor myself to keep my head from exploding.

It’s a win-lose-win-lose-win-lose situation!





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