A Merry Little Christmas?

I must’ve been on the Naughty List after all. Santa brought me a cold for Christmas. I didn’t ask for one of those! Airborne to the rescue!

I’m dreaming of We did get a White Christmas… and just in time! Christmas Eve was 50 degrees and raining. When I woke up the next day, there was just enough snow to call it a White Christmas. That’s true Missouri weather!

On Christmas Eve, we had a dinner with my family and Ryan and his Mom. Then, Ryan and I went to hang with my Dad’s side of the family. My Mom tried to sneak out of the house without telling me anything, but since I asked she informed me she was staying the night somewhere. She ended up coming back home on Christmas afternoon. She was with her new lover and “in-laws.”

My festive headband on Christmas Eve.

So to be spiteful, my brother and I unwrapped the few gifts she bought us before she got home. Without her, because she wasn’t here. I’ll take full credit for the idea. He’s on her side now anyway so he didn’t do it for the same reasons as me.

I unwrapped socks.

When she got home, she tried to present me with a wrapped gift from her lover, of which I pushed off the table when she set it in front of me. I will not accept anything from him.

Sometimes it is necessary to act like you’re 5 again.

Christmas night ended up being better, thankfully. We (my Mom and I) were with my Dad’s side of the family again. We ate an Italian dinner, too much yummy dessert like peanut butter fudge, and played games like Catch Phrase and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. We also played White Elephant, a tradition we started last year. We’re supposed to bring something silly from around the house, and I ended up with the least silliest gift of popcorn, candy, and soda. After leaving there, I went to Ryan’s because he wasn’t able to go his family’s Christmas (due to weather in other parts of the state) until today! He just spent Christmas Day at home with his Mom and today he’s with his family. I could’ve gone with him, but I need to rest and continue fighting this cold away. So far, so good.

My Aunt is famous for bringing crazy hats that sing and dance. This picture is from a funny angle because my cousin is super tall.

Missed you, Dad.





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